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13 reasons why luxury chairs should be hated // Manifesto

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Industrial designers have a weird obsession with iconic luxury chairs. With this relative simple, low overhead project they can portray their unique styles, use innovative materials & construction methods and develop their design theories.  Even architects and artists how are not supped to be doing chairs joying in. The potential payoff is career success and securing a place in the design canon.

After 7 years of design studies with four semesters of Art History and one semester of Design History, I still hate luxury chairs. However, I cannot continue dragging this hatred alone anymore, so here are 13 reasons why people should hate luxury chairs with me:


1     Uncomfortable

Luxury chairs should be detested because they are uncomfortable. An object with the simplest basic purpose becomes an artistic medium of expression thus cutting your leg’s blood circulation just to illuminate the grandiose theories behind it.


2     Expensive

Luxury chairs should be resented because they are unattainable to the majority of people. Yes, sometimes their design can beautiful but with $4.500 dollars you can pay your rent for four months in New York City. Even their miniature versions cost $335 dollars, so unless you are rich Malibu Barbie you ain't gonna have it!


3     Fictitious

Luxury chairs should be criticized because they don’t portray a real context of the world. 1965 saw the funeral of Winston Churchill, the first persons walking in space and the beginning of the use of chemical warfare against the Vietcong by US troops, this was also the year that the Ball Chair designed by Finnish furniture designer Eero Aarnio was created.


4     Overrated

Luxury chairs should be disliked because they are overrated. Every year around the world design fairs prize the best furniture pieces. This pressure to give and give prizes provokes many designs that are not excellent to receive recognition.


5     Deceitful

Luxury chairs should be despised because they lie to young designers. They imply that in order to be a great designer you need to focus on producing artwork pieces that reflect your personality and style.


6     Ridiculous

Luxury chairs should be deplored just simple because they look ridiculous.


7     Useless

Luxury chairs should be loathed because they are useless. If you cannot sit on it why even bother?


8     Archaic

Luxury chairs should be abhorred because they represent the old vision of what design should do.


9     Pretentious

Luxury chairs should be execrated because they are the pinnacle work of pretentious annoying superstar designers.


10     Unnecessary

Luxury chairs should be rejected because they are unnecessarily overdesigned.


11     Dishonest

Luxury chairs should be discriminated because they are dishonest and use artisan’s traditional techniques without crediting them. 


12     Wasteful

Luxury chairs should be censured because they waste raw resources and energy without a worthy purpose.


13     Obstructive

Luxury chairs should be hated because it obstructs designer's abilities to reimagine the future.